55% Product Review:Professional Test Group will set test parameters for different kinds of products based on the technical materials and documentation presented by the participant companies, and review on candidate products from all levels of technical field by using the lateral comparison and the longitudinal comparison.

40% Marks from Professors:Senior members, consisting of the global manufacturers, patent organizations, well-known media and host party around the world, decide the result by reviewing from technology to design, function to application and from innovation to experience.

5% Internet Voting:Internet voting will be taken on official website and other relevant sites, to ensure that there is no any materially quality problem or positive feedback on participant products.

Candidate functionalitywe focus on product functionality and comfort, evaluate terms like product quality, convenience, durability, design, portable degree, function and aesthetic, etc., for pursuit of a comprehensive assessment.

Application effect:According to the requirement of modern customer and family and easy of use.

UE (User Experience) and interactionGood feeling when people use this product; Satisfied the customers' needs and make further design for their future requirement; Good interface design with human-technology interaction and excellent graphic design.