Activities background 

In the recent years, the serious problem arises in the appliance industry as no engine is able to drive the market growth. Some of appliance products become zero growth and even worse due to slack market situation, and more and more goods are in stock. Since the second half year of 2016, steel, cooper and silicon cost more than 30% than before, and the labor cost is still surging. On the one hand, all of this slashed the profit margin of electronics industry, and on the other hand, the survival of the fittest makes the dedication that, only to improve quality and save cost, can it play the leading in the industrial development. As long as the companies drive forward for brand transformation, upgrade and cultivation for innovative technologies, they are able to develop well in the future. 

With the better living conditions, nowadays people demand strictly on living quality, and have an increasing need for high-end electronics products and intelligent appliance. And also the requirement for healthy lifestyle makes the electronics with healthy concept grow in popularity. It pointed out in the Market Report of Appliance Consumer Trend in 2017, that the appliance market in China has hit a plateau and urgently requires a transformation. Only outstanding innovative ideas can break the deadlock.