Activities background 

In the present world, the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, VR/AR and other new technologies emerge one after another, and the era of 5G is also approaching. With the occurrence of such emerging markets and new-type products as the full coverage of the internet on online-offline marketing, scenario-based physical store, and internet celebrity economy, sciences and technologies have penetrated into all walks of social life. the in-depth integration of intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and the internet and trans-trade innovation have become the development trends of the industry of household appliances and consumer electronics.

With the leapfrog upgrade of the network in a 5G era, the industry of consumer electronics will expect a new round of innovation with 5G applications as core support.  Global consumer electronics industry is at the stage prior to the innovation cycle featured by the transformation from intelligent terminal internet dominated by PC and mobile phone to artificial intelligence and smart terminal products. It can be concluded through analyzing the development prospect of current consumer electronics market that mobile internet will maintain its development advantages, and meanwhile, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and other new technologies will further promote the upgrade and reform of the industry. Particularly, as the core driving force for the new round of industrial reform, artificial intelligence will further release the giant energy accumulated by successive scientific and technological revolutions and industry reforms, thus forming new intelligent demands from macroscopic fields to microscopic ones.

Thanks to such features as platform-oriented design, high consistency, and convenient transportation, the products in the industry of consumer electronics possess better international market, and on the other hand, they typically have faster iteration and replacement cycle, both of which make their "consumption” attribute stronger. Therefore, the industry of consumer electronics still has a large growth space in the future. considering accelerated technological innovation and the integration of the internet, new technologies and new forms, only those enterprises with better innovation design capability, more accurate consumer demand mastering capability and more superior refined intelligent manufacturing capability can finally win in the new era.