Activity Purpose 

The selection for IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2018 will be conducted at a worldwide level. The objective of this activity is to demonstrate the innovation strength, drive the upgrade of product intelligence for electronics enterprises, reinforce advantages in functions, appearance and user experience, promote technological adjustment and innovation of service method, as well as bring persist and futuristic outlook, so that the consumers can easily have access to the convenience of future life brought by technological innovation. 

The stronger in technological research and development is the final winner in the future electronics market. Interactive and creative products can survive longer. The Chinese electronic market is getting rid of homogenization and starts to attach importance on research development. Currently, it has ranked in the top list for its scale, and grown into the important import and export country for electronics products. As an effective platform for the innovative design of products and industrial connection, the launch of IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2018 will encourage Chinese enterprises to make further progress in technological innovation, accelerate the industrial transformation of results, develop creative products and restructure the industrial.