Candidate Selection & Evaluating References    

Candidate Requirement

The qualified company shall be innovative teams with strong capacity in independent planning and sophisticated innovation experience, and makes great breakthroughs in the core technology of their products. Besides, it shall be able to make aggressive reforms on the design and application, and is insightful in the independent development of brands.

Breakthroughs in technological innovation, product design or user experience have been achieved; the product shall be competitive and prospective with high-growth, and the research team can sustainably develop new products; the possession of sole intellectual property right and key core technology allow the company to lead in the industry.

Evaluating References

Core references:Core references come from the technical materials that being submitted by candidate enterprises. Experts’ team of evaluation and testing will set different references according to a variety classification of products. Comprehensive judgments will be generated based on the innovation on products functionality, user experience and interaction.

Experts Evaluation:Based on their authoritative and fair-minded standpoint, the experts’ team will mark their candidate of award according to functionality, application, technology, designing, creativity and convention to make a full-scale judgement of qualified candidate of this award.