Please select the most technical innovative products in your mind (multiple choice):

BOSCH: Vita Fresh Refrigerator KAF96S80TI
BOSCH: Built-in Oven Series 8
SIEMENS: Full Automatic Dishwasher SN578S06TC
Haier: Refrigerator BCD-520
Haier: Washing Machine C6 HD10W6XU1
LG: OLED TV Series
LG: Watch Sport
TCL: T-Guardian Air Conditioner
TCL: Refrigerator BCD-490WBEPF2
TCL: Washing Machine XQM85-9005BYS
GRUNGDIG: HomeWhiz Application
BOE: iGallery
MIELE: Freestanding Steamer DG6019 C
Midea: Full-automatic Intelligent Rice Cooker DHZ3001XM
Midea: IH Electric Pressure Cooker MY-HT5097HG
Midea: Rice Cooker MB-PFZ3503
Midea: IH Smart Rice Cooker MB-FZ4005XM
Midea: Heat Pump RJS-20
Midea: Automatic Washing Machine
Midea: Air Conditioner Ultimate Comfort Series
Midea: Beverly Water Heater JSQ30-16HI8
Midea: Beverly Water Dispenser JL1852S-RO
Philips: Avance Collection Masticating Juicer HR1895
Galanz: Dishwasher W3A1G1-0C0
Galanz: Smart Dishwasher 401K
Galanz: Smart Refrigerator BCD-388WTDPH
Galanz: Washing Machine XQG30-M1
SAMSUNG: Soundbar HW-K950
CHANGHONG: Air Purifier
Hisense: Triple Washer WFES1214VAC WFES1214VAC
SONY: Camera Alpha 6300
SONY: Xperia XZ Premium
DJI: Inspire 2
MERGE VR: Merge VR Cube
ILIFE: Robot Vacuum Cleaner V5s Pro
LIVALL: Smart Helmet BH51M
Elevoc: Speech Enhancement Engine SDK
Goodix: Live Finger Detection
Goodix: Invisible Fingerprint Sensor
GREE: Air Conditioner Goldshell
GREE: Air Conditioner Rose II
GREE: TOSOT Water Heater
HUAWEI: P10 / P10 Plus
LeTV: Atmos Soundbar LHT-E17
LeTV: TV Unique65
NINED: VR Gaming Product
Sanbot: Sanbot S1
Vargo: iVargo 2 VX1
Seblong: Intelligent Pillow
iGulu: Intelligent Beer Brewing Machine

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