“2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” Accreditation Commenced
date: 2014年08月09日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

To Showcase Cutting-edge High Tech

“2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” Accreditation Commenced

In recent years, it has been changing dramatically on the Consumer Electronics market. With its rapid development, Asia replaced Europe to become the largest consumer electronics globally. Global brands are also inspired by the opportunities with the advance of intelligence and cloud service. Co-organized by German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and IDG, "2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" Accreditation is devoted to effectively enhancing CE brand influence and further improving global market competitiveness. With the theme of " To Showcase Cutting-edge High Tech", the accreditation focus on scientific and technological innovation and new intelligent innovation and upgrading. The accreditation is to further enhance the product features, product image, user experience, technical adjustments and etc., in order to promote sustainable corporate development. Up to now, there are many top consumer electronics brands such as Haier, Changhong, TCL, Sony, Samsung, LG, CEC, Galanz and etc. are participating in the competition.

For global brands of consumer electronics, the core of future competition is competition for Innovation! Without keeping an eye on creativity, the brands would not live with fresh blood or strength in the future market. The “IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” is to inspire brands to keep energy for innovation, to transform new technology into production and the market, to exchange new design with the industry, and to remain the cutting edge of market.

The “2014 IFA Technical Innovation Award” is launched by German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and IDG, and supported by authority IDC China. The award grade is combined of product parameters, evaluation of product testing center, and comprehensive assessment, respectively:

Product parameters include: technical patent description, product evaluation data, technology patent specification, feasibility study report; technology industry analysis, the level of development of related industries at home and abroad, the advantages of the technology itself; Market Analysis: market outlook for technology analysis, competitiveness compared with the general condition of the opponent. The highlight is on the core technology breakthrough, product advantages and special achievements or functions.

Evaluation of product testing center: with a well-equipped professional evaluation laboratory, the testing center adopts an innovative experiential evaluation system to provide reliable evaluation of home appliances, smart connected devices, cameras and other consumer electronic products. Professional design engineers and technical experts jointly evaluate the candidate products, seek supplementary questions, and verify the design specifications. Through advanced statistical methods, the group will finish evaluation by most elaborate technical indicators on prototype / pilot products to get the first-hand data.

A comprehensive assessment: jury members’ assessment also focuses on product functionality for the pursuit of comprehensive assessment. The criteria for evaluation include consumer experience, product quality, convenience, durability, design, portable degree, function and aesthetic, etc. The assessment relies also on application: ease of operation and in line with modern consumer and family needs, in accordance with user experience and interaction, including endowing consumers with good psychological feelings, meeting the actual and potential needs of users, with good human-machine interaction, excellent graphic design, outstanding interface design.

All the awards include: Quantum Display Tech Gold Award, Smart Home Applicants Gold Award, Smart Tech Gold Award, Healthy Food Preservation Tech Gold Award, Environmental Friendly Refrigeration Tech Gold Award, UE Gold Award, Display Tech Gold Award, Energy Efficiency Gold Award, OLED Display Gold Award, Smart Interaction TV Tech Gold Award, Efficient Heating Tech Award, Industrial Design Gold Award, etc. The winners of "2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" will be announced on September 6, 2014, at fifty-fourth Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA 2014) exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

At the same time, with the selection activities, and international authority IFA stage, all award - winning enterprise and products will to success in IFA International that is IFA official exhibition daily published, express including the European Electronic Products large purchase mission and electronic areas cooperation partners, and get international famous media the scene a full range of three - dimensional publicity, comprehensive show brand research and development strength ; the same time, these enterprise can access to and International Famous consumption electronic brand manufacturers cooperation talks opportunity, quickly find international cooperation partners,, in turn, comprehensive among the global top platform, strong promote brand Continued of development process.

The vice president of IDG Asia, Ms. Xu Zhou said, now, consumer electronic products plays a more and more important role in the global consumer life, intelligent home appliances, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, the new technology can be worn equipment advantage and product more and more accepted by consumers and pursued. Thus, the global consumer electronics industry's next spring has come. IDG as the world's largest information technology publishing, research, exhibition and Vc firm, has the responsibility and obligation to further promote the development of a global consumer electronics industry and brand, help them expand their global reach. The German Chamber of industry and Commerce jointly launched the IFA product technology innovation awards, is committed to the development of consumer electronics technology rapidly to the global stage, help the consumer electronics brand to win more international visibility and reputation

Now, new technology and trends, ushering in a new era of global consumer electronics industry. Let us in 2014 IFA products and technology innovation awards competition, a comprehensive understanding of global consumer electronics brand in technical innovation and progress in international development, and the world to witness the power of science and technology from all major consumer electronics brands!