2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Campaign Launched
date: 2015年07月16日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

To further enhance the competitiveness of the global CE market and to showcase the world's leading high-tech more effectively, 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Campaign was launched jointly by International Data Group (IDG) and German Industry & Commerce Ltd. This event is to promote the development CE technologies and its market application, and to further enhance product industry design and users’ experience under the new technical trend. Current candidate companies include many well-known CE companies worldwide - Haier, Changhong, Samsung, Sony, Siemens, TCL,BOE, ZTE, Glanz, LeTV, etc.

In recent years, constant innovations take place with the rapid development of such new technologies as Mobile Internet, smart home and wearable devices, causing the shift in consumers’ consumption attitudes and habits. More personalized, intelligent and interconnected products become quite popular among consumers. Thus, more inter-industrial integrated and interconnected tendencies will spring up in global CE market. Consumers’ curiosities and adaptive capacities of technological products will also bring new transformations in CE market.

The theme of 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award is: “From Technical Innovation to Fascinating CE Products”. For CE brands worldwide, winning the consumer’s attention indicates that these brands should be creative in technical innovation and better design, good user experience and better interaction. 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Campaign is just the stage to show consumers the overall innovative strength of global CE brands; moreover, the activity will also promote these brands’ new innovation and upgrading under the new industrial trend with all-around display of their vitality and competitiveness.

It is known that this is the second session of 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award in IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Campaign, which will select the best ones from worldwide CE candidate products. In determining the final results, IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Organizing Committee will take into such factors as technological materials submitted by evaluation center’ assessment, participating expert members’ reviews, and online voting, etc. into account. The awards in this Campaign include Display Tech Gold Award (UHD, 3D), Smart TV Gold Award, Internet TV Gold Award, Smart Processing and Controlling Tech Gold Award, Healthy Preservation Tech Gold Award, Environmental Friendly Refrigeration Tech Gold Award, Smart Home Innovation Gold Award, Industrial Design Gold Award, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Gold Award, Wearable Device Innovation Award, Multi-Screen Interaction Tech Gold Award, UE Gold Award, Storage Tech Gold Award, Information Security Tech Gold Award, etc. The final award list of 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award will be announced at IFA in Berlin on September 5, 2015, where Miss IFA will present the awards to the winners.

At the same time, the award list of IFA Product Technical Innovation Award will also be published in IFA International. In virtue of the international authority, the stage of IFA, winners will be straightly be exposed to 220,000 audience and more than 500 of world's top media, which includes large-scale European CE-purchasing groups and partners in electronic fields and draws attention and report coverage of nearly 500 media in the world.

Ms. Xu Zhou, VP of IDG Asia, said that CE products should be designed by focusing on consumers' applications, which are closely related to consumers’ lives, work and entertainment. Based on CE manufacturers’ innovations in technology, design, interconnection, and UE, etc., 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award Campaign aims to showcase the leading high tech, and to further promote the development of global CE industries.

Owing to the intelligent era and the driving force of innovation and technology, CE industries witness significant revolutions worldwide. At the same time, new opportunities for development have been provided for the brands and enterprises in this industry. The Campaign is to showcase CE’s charm and strength of technological innovations to consumers around the world. Let’s witness the release of each award in 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award and feel the powerful strength of technological innovations together.