With outstanding products consecutively winning IFA Product Technical Innovation Award, Media achieved great success again in Germany
date: 2017年09月04日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

As a leading global player in consumer appliances, Midea has won the fame for its leading-edge technology in 2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award. Midea Rice Cooker MB-PFZ3503 was awarded with Multi-stage IH Heating Technology Gold Award, meanwhile its Beverly JSQ30-16HI8 gained Zero Cooling Water Technology Innovation Gold Award.


Established through the joint effort of IDG and GIC, IFA Product Technical Innovation Award as called the international award for global enterprises of consumer electronics, has been undertaking in full swing.  As for IFA which has become the central platform for producers and traders of consumer electronics worldwide to display their products, increase communications, and find out potential cooperation opportunities.  Meanwhile, it also serves as the platform for consumer electronics industry to exchange information and obtain consulting service.


It is undoubted that Midea comes to be a big winner in the award, which authorizes its outstanding technology in the products. 

  (Midea Beverly JSQ30-16HI8)

Beverly JSQ30-16HI8 which also has a name- Lintom I8 is the unique product, not only for its trans-boundary design but also for its captious requirements on time and temperature.  Being captious to the value of time to create great fortune, in 2014, Midea promoted the generation I Zero-cold Water product without return water pipe. 

How is Midea keeping thinking how to guide the market?


With 3 years of efforts, for more than 900 days, today, Midea is providing the brand new Zero-cold Waterproduct - Lintom I8, with strong power, it can heat the water faster;compared with the traditional product, the time of heating water to setting temperature is shortened by 40%.


For the house of 150m2, it only costs 2 minutes to supply hot water for the whole house. It can reduce the waiting time for 220 minutes every month. Midea hopes to shorten the waiting time, and then user may do other things significant and create more value.


Lintom I8 adopts the turbocharged cycle engine and aerospace ceramic shaft with the vortex impeller layout, the included angle of vortex impeller keeps at 60°, and the rotation speed reaches 3000rpm/min, Midea strives for smooth procedure of hot water flow and precision of every component, after 17 months of adjusting and commissioning.


Besides thinking on the value of time, Midea is also thinking about the significance of temperature.  How to keep hot water constant supply? The change of external water pressure and air pressure, the water supply and stop during shower, which makes the fluctuation of water temperature, and results in uncomfortable feeling for people.  It is shown from research, the temperature different sensing by human skin is 2°C, if it exceeds 2℃, the pores of skin will contract or open, which will cause uncomfortable feeling.  Midea has been dedicated to the research and development of stepless constant temperature cabin technology, and is capable of providing hot water of constant temperature with perfect feeling to human skin, and the temperature difference is controlled at ±0.5°C.

(Midea Rice Cooker MB-PFZ3503


As to Rice Cooker MB-PFZ3503, it applied 5 core technologies to ensure each rice grain be evenly heated in the cooking process, and further promote the taste quality of rice.


* IH heating technology with high-speed, broadband frequency, partition control: Drive the bottom and side areas for independent heating, alternative heating, and high-speed joint heating, and implement different heating control and combinations in the cooking process, so as to reduce the possibility of rice blocks formed in the intensive heating area.And meanwhile, in the boiling process, drive the bottom and side areas for alternative and interactive heating, guide bi-directional stirring and rolling, and finally promote the balanced heating and water absorption of rice grains.


* Bumping control technology by instant voltage transformation: Control the change of pressure flow inside the pot, and during the initial boiling period for rice cooking, as the rated voltage is certain times higher than the normal level, it will instantly release the pressure through large-diameter exhaust vent. And due to the sharp decrease of pressure, the boiling temperature of the rice inside the pot will decrease, which will cause the rice and water inside the pot generating drastic collapse-type boiling. In the next stage this technology helps to realize the objective of reaching balanced temperature field as well as the fluffy, ventilate, and balanced heating of rice.


* M-Smart system - smart unlimited technology: Automatically match rice type, select different tastes, and act as the cooking process reminder. Possess the smart identification of rice type, internally set with a bulk of rice type cooking curve, and automatically match the best cooking program.


* Shell integrated punch forming technology: Implement seamless connection, the blank will be subject to overall wiredrawing after fine polishing, and then formed after being subject to anodic oxidation colouring treatment, chemical polishing and other technologies, and it possesses advantages, such as high gloss, high strength and corrosion resistance, which can be enough to make it a masterpiece.


* Vacuum pot technology: It is exclusively designed with bottom boiling ring, which can make the heat form intensive convection, also make the bubbles generate and floatevenly and densely, and finally the rice be evenly heated; it adopts vacuum layer design and vacuum layer manufacturing, which can effectively prevent the heat from being lost at the side of the liner, and realize constant heat preservation under power-off condition.


Midea Group is a leading global player in consumer appliances, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and robotics and industrial automation systems and Intelligent supply chain (logistics)which offers diversified products, comprising of consumer appliances (kitchen appliances, refrigerators, laundry appliances, and various small home appliances), HVAC (residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, heating & ventilation), and robotics and industrial automation (Kuka Group and Yaskawa joint venture).


Midea is committed to improving lives by adhering to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”. Midea focuses on continuous technological innovation to improve products and services, and to make life more comfortable and pleasant.


Founded in 1968 in Guangdong, China, Midea has now established a global platform of more than 200 subsidiaries, over 60 overseas branches and 10 strategic business units, as well as being the majority shareholder of Kuka (95% shareholding).


In 2015, Midea became the first Chinese home appliances manufacturer which was granted credit ratings by three international credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor, Fitch, and Moody, ranking the top among both global household appliances industry and domestic private enterprises. In 2016, Midea Group was listed in Fortune Global 500, ranking 481 in terms of revenue and 216 in terms of profits. In 2017, Midea Group ranks 450 in terms of revenue.


Midea has hundreds of millions of consumers, major customers in different areas, strategic partners worldwide, and about 130,000 employees in total. Midea is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (000333) and has a diversified investor portfolio with approximately 20% of shares held by international institutional investors.