date: 2017年09月06日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

Anti fog mirror, in-built walkie talkie, mobile connectivity and super safe shell

Unveiled at IFA Berlin 2017 in hall 25, booth 115


LIVALL, the award-winning and world leading brand in smart helmet design, is bringing safety and style to the slopes with its first winter sports technology product, the RS1 Smart Ski helmet.  LIVALL is renowned worldwide for reliable, stylish helmets packed full of smart technologies that enhance communications, visibility, comfort and safety.


LIVALL’s RS1 Smart Ski helmet is ideal for those looking for an innovative solution to tasks that are easy to solve at sea-level but are arduous at 4000 metres.

 (RS1 Smart Ski helmet 

The RS1 Smart Ski helmet is jammed with innovative features ideal for all types of skiing enthusiasts, be it  families with young children, mountainous weekend trips with friends or ski-seasonaires.


Find it difficult to keep in contact with your group on the slopes? The RS1 Smart Ski helmet operates as a radio walkie talkie that helps keep everyone connected by bluetooth. Just one click of the ‘push to talk’ button on the helmet is all you need to start a group conversation.

Whole groups to connect easily and find each other on the slopes.


Intelligent acoustics provide users with a windproof microphone that offers uninterrupted conversations. Detachable ear-pads are placed strategically above the ears and connected via Bluetooth to the iOS or Android app. This means skiers can ski down slopes whilst listening to their favourite music.


The RS1 Smart Ski helmet marries next-generation technological solutions with ultimate style.


The bling lighting, cutting edge acoustics and ultrasmart features will make RS1 Smart Ski helmet users turn heads on the slopes this winter. Skiers can choose from a range of eye catching designs as the RS1 comes in fluorescent green, pepper white or graphite black.


Gone are the days of foggy goggles and reduced visibility. The RS1 Smart Ski helmet champions a premium anti-fog mirror and two vents at the top to provide sufficient ventilation and airflow, a feature that traditional ski helmets lack.  The inner helmet is made from a high-class EPS core material for extreme comfort, while the outer shell is made of high-strength ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), which is strong and durable.


Founder and CEO of LIVALL, Brian Zheng, will be at IFA to showcase the latest LIVALL smart riding accessories.



The CEO of LIVALL, Brain Zheng, said: “I fell off my bike a few years ago, which landed me in hospital. This inspired me to create LIVALL’s range of smart biking helmets.” He continued: “As I hear more and more about skiers suffering horrific injuries on the slopes and as a keen skier myself it seemed like a natural step for LIVALL to enter the smart ski technology market to help ensure safety on the slopes.”



Technical Specifications


Head circumference

58cm - 62cm




2.402GHz - 2480GHz

Bluetooth distance


Charging port

Micro USB


3.7V / 1000mAh

Charging time



Mic-39 dB



Usage temperature

-20°C to 40°C


282 x 232 x 237 mm


Approx. 680g