Hisense Triple Washer picked up the Design Innovation Gold Award of 2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award
date: 2017年09月18日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

Berlin, September 02, 2017, Hisense Triple Washer won the "Design Innovation Gold Award" of 2017 IFAProduct Technical Innovation Award, which is organized by the German Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd and International Data Group (IDG). Hisense’s pioneering innovation of three individual drums on the Triple Washer was recognized by the jury. Miss IFA attended the ceremony and presented the award to the head of Hisense Europe in person.

As the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, 2017IFA will focus on intelligence and innovation. All the global consumer electronics brands will show their innovations in technology and products respectively, leading the renovation of consumer electronics.

Hisense Triple Washer "Master Wash"series are considered as the industrial innovation products after three years of independent research and development. The Triple Washer has three separate drums, enabling homemakers wash different types of clothes in their specified drums at the same time. Additionally, the increased number of drums requires better overall shock absorption and water separation system. The Washer introduced the SBCD suspension system shock absorbing structure of automotive industry to achieve the best overall balance.

 Hisense Triple Washer‘s public recognition camefrom the accurate grasp of consumer demand.To develop and realize the idea, Hisense R & D team visited eight cities, 2000 surveys, 128 households in China, and interviewed them in depth.