Winning IFA Product Technical Innovation Award-METZ blue as a new global brand manufactured by Metz in Germany launches AI TV series and strong landing in Europe, India and Hongkong
date: 2018年09月06日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

On August 31, 2018, the 2018 Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin opens on schedule. As one of the world's largest and influential household electrical appliances exhibitions, IFA has brought together manufacturers and traders all over the world. In the first day, a series of breaking news has made Germany luxury brand Metz become the focus immediately. Metz announced that it will set up a new brand METZ blue, which will be launched globally in September. Besides, as soon as METZ blue's first series of products launched, the flagship product S9A won the “AI Interaction Innovation Gold Award” of IFA Product Technical Innovation Award.

During this IFA exhibition, Metz exhibited 100-inch giant screen TV G9, excellent OLED series TV (W80, S9A, S8A), Android TV with “AI” conception and Coocaa Lite TV equipped with advanced Amazon's Alexa voice technology, etc. It also set a super TV experience room, showing 86-inch large screen TV F7 with Dolby Atmos sound system, bringing the experience of immersive shock. A smart experience room is also set up to highlight the forefront of AI development, as the TV can interconnect with all kinds of household appliances.



Founded in 1938, Metz started designing and producing televisions in 1955 with 8 major products and derivatives. Designing and manufacturing in Germany, with superb display technology, first-class auditory effect, makes Metz very valuable. Metz Brand TV is called the “Real Luxury TV”.

This year is the 80th anniversary of the Metz brand and Metz launched a second modern brand METZ blue and established its dual-brand business model. While Metz classic continues to occupy the high-end market in Germany, METZ blue will be more inclusive and more suitable for young generation, by adhering to constantly pursuit of the frontier of science and technology, retaining the traditional core of German craftsmanship and manufacturing, combining advanced technology, leading design and excellent quality. Through establishing a base in Germany and expand the sales area to reach the world with a more affordable price and a new brand image. From September of this year, METZ blue will be launched in Europe, India and Hongkong, China.



Once METZ blue was launched, it firstly announced the "AI TV" as the future strategy. Focus on artificial intelligence, create smart family, realize multiport interconnection. In addition to content intelligence, METZ blue also builds a comprehensive AI of appearance, picture, sound and system from the experience of consumers. AI TV represents not only the Artificial Intelligence in ecosystem, but also the Artistic Inspiration of design, the Aesthetic Image of picture quality, the Acoustic Instrument of the sound quality, and the All-In-1 system. In terms of product layout, METZ blue's ambition to create a truly "AI TV" is reflected in its combination of OLED TV, Android TV, Netflix TV and Coocaa lite TV. Not only adhering to the "Made in Germany" standard, but also getting a position that ordinary television cannot reach in content, interconnection and future technology.

Among the new products launched by METZ blue, S9A won the “AI Interaction Innovation Gold Award”, which is a supreme award after winning the "Best Product 2017" of Plus X Award last year for Metz’s Novum OLED TV. It's also a recognition of the products quality for METZ blue brand.



Metz blue S9A adopts the latest OLED display technology to achieve that each pixel independently controls the light. With pixel Dimming with HDR support and 10-bit color depth, the TV can present hitherto impossible black levels – for breathtakingly brilliant colors, sharp contrasts and excellent depth of detail. Dolby and DTS sound effects with 30W front speaker provide the perfect audio backdrop. In terms of design, full screen, 3.9mm thickness and back metal column, making S9A as elegant as artwork. Besides, S9A carries the latest Android 8.0 and it has a very rich content, including YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, etc. The built-in Google Assistant enables S9A to achieve a leap from Smart TV to AI TV. The TV can answer questions, manage the schedule, even control smart devices, such as switching light, adjusting thermostat and humidifier, turning on security camera and so on. METZ blue's AI TV series will bring customers extraordinary experience.