COLMO Phase Change Energy Storage Hot Water Tank(COLMO CFXH2050)won The Phase Change Energy Storage Technology Innovation Gold Award at IFA 2019
date: 2019年09月27日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

In 2019 IFA, COLMO, as a pioneer in the home appliance industry, participated in the exhibition with its milestone water heater products and won IFA-PTIA 2019 “Phase Change Energy Storage Technology Innovation Gold Award” for its innovation in the field of phase change energy storage.


IFA Berlin is the most important international trade show in the global field of consumer electronics, communications and information electronics technology products. In IFA every year, all the most sophisticated products and technologies are gathered and displayed to guide the mainstream consumption trends and consumption concepts with strong market power. The “IFA Product Technical Innovation Award”, which is given by the International Data Group (IDG) and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GIC) and represents the forefront of product technology innovation, is an international selection for global consumer electronics brands.


At its first exhibition, COLMO has won the Gold Award for its technology innovation, which obtain the prestige of a well-deserved pioneer for COLMO in the field of AI smart technology!


What has PCM been used for?


In order to realize the aerospace dream of mankind, generations of astronauts have flown into the sky. But in the severe environment with little air, all energy becomes more precious. In order to store heat, maintain a constant temperature, and provide power for the navigation, researchers use PCM to absorb, store, and release energy to protect their survival, safety, and operations of space shuttle. Therefore, we think if the PCM is applied to the electric water heater, what will happen?


Aerospace core technology is beginning to enhance our daily lives


In 2019, COLMO phase change energy storage hot water tank was launched!


For the first time, COLMO has successfully used PCM in water heaters because it has the property of converting its status from solid to liquid when it absorbs heat and from liquid to solid when it releases heat. It is the use of the property that COLMO applies the process of over-current heating in its heaters. This application ensures that the water heater completely abandons the traditional method of water-storage heating, allowing the deposition of stagnant water and scale deposits away from our bathing. With its lineless design, dual power of energy storing/heating, and circulating-pipeline heating system, COLMO phase change energy storage hot water tank gets rid of liner, magnesium rod, and then scale in its system, and offers the cleanest bathing water for us. In a word, it perfectly interprets the brand concept of “creating a smart life experience with extraordinary technology and exploring the ultimate future”.


Linerless design, a milestone technology innovation

COLMO’s patented phase change energy storage technology, with its innovative and linerless design, a slimmer body and a manner of more efficient and energy-saving heating, help people to enjoy the highest quality of modern bathing experience. Dissatisfied with the status quo, we have broken through the limitations that we have taken for granted with the spirit of innovation, creating an unprecedented bathing experience for people.


A cleanest bathing feast for each inch of our skin.

A perfect enjoyment for our visual perception.

COLMO phase change energy storage hot water tank


Phase change energy storage complies with tradition beyond routine!

COLMO is committed to creating a new vision of human habitation through science and technology in AI home appliances field. Through our exploration and innovation, every COLMO product will bring more than expected comfort to people in addition to its basic role.