Life is extraordinary,COLMO air conditioning IFA official debut
date: 2019年09月27日 author:IFA Product Technical Innovation Award


Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) was grandly opened on September 6th. The air-conditioning category of COLMO, a high-end brand of Chinese AI technology appliances, was launched at IFA. COLMO has achieved many breakthroughs in the field of air-conditioning technology and successfully won the IAQ Technology Innovation Gold Award in IFA Product Innovation Technical Award 2019.


Adhering to the brand concept of “Life is extraordinary”, COLMO air conditioner successfully combines the external aesthetics and internal technical characteristics of the product. It aims to satisfy consumers' high-level pursuit of technology and aesthetics while creating AI micro-ecology in home life.

 (Windless system)

Say goodbye to air conditioning disease, Comfortable and prevent cold


For the pain point of air conditioning wind is too hard to get disease, COLMO air conditioning is equipped with a windless system, so that the strong airflow layer is softened to achieve a cool feeling without wind; in the windless mode, let you enjoy more lasting Healthier fresh soft wind.


(Micro-positive pressure fresh air system)

Change the fresh air from time to time, Not boring without opening the window,

Towards the pain point of the traditional air-conditioning, the COLMO air conditioner is equipped with a micro-positive pressure fresh air system, using independent high static pressure centrifugal wind wheel technology, filtering the outdoor fresh air through high-efficiency HEPA net, and conveying the room with micro-positive pressure technology, The indoor air-conditioning mix forms a soft wind, so that you can turn on the air conditioner all night and not be bored. Enjoy fresh and comfortable


(Filter self-cleaning system)

Deep scrubbing without hand washing, enjoy a fresh and clean breeze.

For the troubles of traditional air conditioner cleaning filter, COLMO air conditioner is equipped with a filter self-cleaning system, and the filter brush is cleaned from the water storage brush depth. Just like replacing the new filter screen, you can enjoy the fresh and clean breeze at any time.


 (Wisdom angel eye)

Know cold and warm, prevent cold.

Through the intelligent thermal sensing of the angel eye, the body temperature change is sensed, and the operating temperature, wind speed, and wind direction are adjusted in time. Wisdom against cold.


The first appearance of COLMO air conditioners in this year's IFA has attracted the attention of countless exhibitors from all over the world with outstanding technology and appearance. From the inside out, it perfectly explains the unique temperament of “Life is extraordinary”. I believe that in the future, COLMO will continue to abide by the brand promise of “extraordinary technology, bring extraordinary wisdom and create extraordinary life”, further promote the upgrade of smart home solutions, explore the unmanned areas of AI home appliance industry, and ultimately provide extraordinary life for users.